A good use for AR Reality

Finally, a good use for Augmented Reality (AR)!
And no, it’s not a video game! Yes, besides Pokemon Go which my brother would argue is a game changer, Augmented Reality (AR) has never really seen its full potential. Kind of like QR codes which have been around forever and prior to the pandemic it was often presented by creative types as this year’s novel approach to a marketing campaign.
On a recent family trip overseas (more on that in another post), we did the typical tourist things. Visiting museums, churches, and other tourist traps, I mean castles throughout some of the most historic (“old”) cities on the planet. It was in Paris where I had my AR Eureka! moment.
When you take three teenagers to such places with no cell service (we took their phones), and infamously limited attention span, let’s face it- they are hard to please. We were visiting the Palais de Justice next to Sainte-Chapelle Church when we were issued tablets for our tour. At first, I declined one thinking it would be just another audio/video tour guide. However, in each room, there are “Histopads” that enable the AR feature for the room.
Simply point the camera to these designated spots and violá! (sorry, couldn’t resist!) our screens became alive as it was during the 17th century! Filled with sights, sounds, and information about the period. Our three teenagers all of sudden became interested in what they were seeing and went from room to room exploring! I can tell you this happened nowhere as enthusiastically as in Palais de Justice in Paris.
I hope more historic destinations do this in the future. Trust me, others certainly could use it!
There are additional museums that are adopting AR in similar ways. Check them out here.
Have a great week.
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