Engage is 10 Years Old

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Engage is 10 Years Old

Yes, you read that right. This month marks exactly 10 years since Engage received our first insertion order from a customer. I can still remember the email from our first client – Comcast – congratulating us on our new relationship. My reaction? I sat at my desk after reading the note in our converted living room with hands over my face. My wife, Debbie came in to see what was up- she put her hands on my shoulders after reading the email, and we both just took in the moment: Engage is a real thing.
Ten years later, it is certainly memorable looking back at everything: Our first customers, consulting for publishers, working with startups on both coasts, hiring our first employees, offering a 401k… just a few of the highlights. Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t trade these experiences at all.
Thomas' weddingThe most rewarding aspect of starting something is seeing it grow. This is especially true of our employees (both current and former). Thomas (my nephew) was our first employee who started after moving to Philly to be closer to his girlfriend. I stopped him from waiting tables so he could learn media and data. He taught himself programming and database marketing. Now, he has a great career path and recently started a new position with Anheuser Busch in Colorado. Oh, and this past August he married that same longtime girlfriend. Guess who officiated?
While Thomas may be a blood relative, Engage to me is family. I can’t help but care for the team and their well-being. It’s because of them that we continue to grow and our customers come back to us year after year. Speaking of- if you know any smart, inquisitive, data-driven marketers seeking a growth opportunity, send them our way. We’re always looking for our next superstar!
Alyssas going awayLast but not least- if you’re still reading this, there’s a distinct possibility you had a hand in our success. To our mentors, customers, and friends/family: Thank YOU. Special acknowledgments to Kavita Vazirani, Sue Slominski, Michael Goldsmith, and my wife, Debbie for going back to work full-time so we could start this new company. And to so many others who believed in us long ago and still do today. Truly, we could not have made it this far without you. Stay tuned… 2022 will be pretty amazing.
Here’s to another 10 years!
Ron and Team Engage

Engage is 10 Years Old…

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