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Hello All,

Over the last few years, I have wanted to create a newsletter for our customers and contacts in the marketing and advertising world but like many of us, other pressing items got in the way. With the new norm of “social distancing” (pretty sure 2020 phrase of the year), now seems like the right time. I realize your inbox is as flooded as mine but I want this information to be different.

The point of this newsletter is to share insights we come across that may be valuable to you. Perhaps something you can share with your customers or directly impact your business. In some cases, you may have already seen the article or maybe it’s irrelevant but hopefully each week you will find at least a single nugget of information worthy of your time.

If we can ever help with anything, please do not hesitate to reach out. Or even if you want to say hello, please do. It would be great to hear from you.

And now… some news I hope you can use. To Health and Happiness.


Ron Adams

Did You Know…

This Bell Telephone (now AT&T) advertisement ran on Thursday, November 17, 1910 from St. Louis Post-Dispatch?




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