Nostalgia Marketing is popular!

Nostalgia has become a pretty popular marketing tactic in the past few years. Focusing on our childhoods is an excellent way of getting people to buy stuff. People like the familiar, and looking back on your childhood can be nostalgic in itself. This doesn’t just apply to merchandise such as toys, clothing, or even drinks — it also applies to old TV shows and movies you may have enjoyed while you were growing up. If a reboot or any new sequel or prequel to a movie comes out, there’s a good chance you’ll check it out to see how they’ve updated the story.
Take a look at the most recent Domino’s commercial tie-in with Stranger Things, Top Gun: Maverick at the Box Office, and Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill on the music charts.
Remembering a “simpler time” can turn a fun look at the past into a successful campaign! Below is an article about how Kraft Mac and Cheese is capitalizing on a brand adjustment to capture those good feelings from childhood!
How can your brand create those deep emotional connections with your customers? (Hint- we can help.)
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